I received an e-mail from Jon Dunsdon, who said he is the owner of V213 Hippo.  Hippo’s construction is West System wood/epoxy composite, completed in 1999.  She was home built by Paul Dare who then sailed many miles in her: apparently Hippo has made 8 single-handed transatlantic crossings.   So much for my mates saying it’s not safe to take Drumler across the Atlantic!

Jon purchased Hippo in 2009 from Paul and he keeps her in Plymouth on the Tamar River.   Virtue Fidelis is kept nearby and Jon sees her occasionally.

Jon also reported, in September, that he has seen three more Vertues on the water recently. V28 Serif and V188 Ceirwyn sailing on the Tamar at Plymouth.  V188 is interesting in that she is gaff rigged.   He also saw V46 Doone moored in Fowey.