In no particular order, here are some links to Vertue-related web sites:

The Vertue Owners Association

This used to be managed by Mike Woodhouse, owner of  V17 Owendo, at the  But he handed over the reins to Roger Robinson and his son George, and they have now re-launched the web site at

The Cheoy Lee Association

This covers all things Cheoy Lee-related and so has a section on Vertues (amongst other boats) with some interesting links to relevant articles – including an account by Peter Kinsey of sailing Kainui through the Washington coast in a Force 11 storm.

The Ocean Cruising Club

Not strictly-speaking a Vertue site, though the Club was set up by Humphrey Barton so semi-qualifies. Qualification of a candidate for ordinary membership is ‘the completion of an unbroken ocean passage between two ports (where the distance between them is not less than 1,000 miles measured by the shortest practical route) as skipper or member of the crew in a craft of not more than 70 feet overall length’.  I would like to earn that OCC pennant one day.