Monie was built in 1938 by Berthons of Lymington.  She was built of carvel pitch pine on oak, with a lead keel, and a short doghouse – similar to Andrillot.  Unlike Andrillot, she was rigged as a Bermudan Sloop.  When she was completed, Humphrey Barton undertook to deliver her to her new owner in Wales.   He picked her up from Berthons and set sail down the Lymington River and, at the mouth, instead of turning right to go Wales, he turned left and sailed ‘the long way round’ the UK, through the Channel, up the North Sea, through the  Caledonian Canal, and so down to Wales: a round trip of some 1,050 miles. It took 25 days, weathering two gales off the North East coast and two off the West coast of Scotland.

Monie recently had a major refit, based in Falmouth, and is looking pretty spectacular for a lady of 76!