Here is some footage of Bettina sailing in Croatia in 2011.

Bettina is Drumler’s eldest sister: she was the first Vertue to be built by Cheoy Lee, in 1953 V 58.  She is now owned by Enea Riboldi of Milan and is based in Cavallino near Venice (Italy).   Enea is friends with another Vertue owner, Enrico Pollini, who owns V100 Return, also based in Cavallino and they sail together extensively every summer down the Dalmatian islands in Croatia.

Bettina is apparently well-kept; she had a new engine some 10 years ago and recently a new main.  There have been some slight modifications to the interior but, other than that, the boat is quite original and “sails tough and pretty”.

Here is another clip of her fairly cracking along.